workplace yoga

Workplace is where the majority of people spend most of their waking hours, and as such it is also the one place where yoga is probably needed the most, and where positive effects can be seen right away. Yoga at the workplace covers simple yoga postures and breath techniques for enhanced wellbeing, mental focus and emotional balance. Opportunities are created for employees to bond in a relaxed and fun setting, contributing to their wellbeing and offering rewarding social and team-building benefits.

Workplace yoga is a series of classes specifically tailored for the busy work environment. It requires low investment, minimal equipment and is suitable to everyone regardless of their ability, skill level, health or body type. As a highly qualified and experienced coach, I offer a range of different modalities to suit any workplace – allow me to take your employees through practices to ease their stressful minds and stretch their bodies, helping take care of their wellbeing while promoting focus and productivity.