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who am I?

I am like you, curious about life and about our own inner and outer landscapes – curious how to gain strength (mental & physical), how to improve body posture, how to breathe better and how to calm the mind.

Most of us, including myself, often live too much in our head or are disconnected from our bodies. When I am too much in my head and allow thoughts to spiral out, I bring my mind in by practicing yoga postures – I shift focus from mind to body. On the other hand, when I am constantly moving out and about, chasing that next thing I slow down by practicing controlled breathing and meditation in order to reconnect and to gain clarity. The key is learning to balance it out.

Hi, my name is Stanja

If you are still reading that possibly means you are curious to learn more, and I invite you to get in touch. Practices that I share and teach have been around for thousands of years, and modern science today is able to provide research that shows their benefits. My down-to-earth yoga teaching style is born from my experience of living with chronic illnesses and through adverse life events, and enhanced by 20 years of practice with extensive and ongoing education.

I am passionate and dedicated to assist you to reconnect with your body & mind by teaching you how to move your body the way that suits your uniqueness, and by inviting you to explore breathing and meditation practices that will allow you to breathe in ways that cultivate a calmer and clearer mind.

I am guided by my love of humanity in all its complexity – I am honoured to welcome and celebrate you, exactly as you are.

Hi, my name is Stanja

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