meditation practices

Meditation can be defined as a practice designed to train the mind, to improve attention and awareness, and to achieve an emotionally calm, clear and stable state. There are many different meditation techniques, and these centuries old practices are increasingly becoming part of daily routines thanks to their effectiveness, as well as scientific studies being done on their benefits. There is not a universally accepted best or most effective type; it is an individual preference – discovered by exploring different techniques until one (or more) is found that works best.

Meditation techniques practiced on a regular basis allow the qualities experienced during practice to flow into the rest of the day. I will provide insight into the practices and benefits of a trained mind because I have walked the talk for many years. Not only have I spent, and continue to spend, a great deal of time on the cushion under the guidance of eminent meditation masters, I also have firsthand experience of the value of meditative mind training in practical life situations. Join me in the group guided meditation sessions, or we can work one-on-one in order to tailor personal daily practice suited to your uniqueness and needs.