integrative yoga

A combination of mindful body movements, breathwork and a short guided meditation practice in one session is great for self-regulation and rebalancing the body and mind. My intention is to meet you where you are and to create the safe space for you to learn, develop and/or enhance your practice. The instruction style I offer is down-to-earth and spacious, allowing everyone to connect with their physical and inner experience throughout. I believe that safely challenging the body in a fun and intelligent way helps create a strong, healthy body and a calm focused mind – not just on the mat, but also beyond.

My integrative yoga sessions are unpretentious, clear and adaptable, offering understandable and practical tools that can be used every day. Regular integrative yoga practice is a powerful therapeutic tool improving strength, flexibility and balance, helping to reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality. As a regular practitioner with over 20 years of personal practice, I can personally attest to these benefits, backed up by many pieces of scientific research published in the past few years that have proven the immense benefits of yoga practice on the mind & body.