accessible yoga

Accessible yoga is any yoga practice made accessible to everyone and everybody regardless of their ability, health, and body type. It offers simple, clear and adaptable practices as well as understandable and practical tools that can be used every day, regardless of limitations or challenges. There should not be any difference between standard yoga practice and chair or bed yoga practice apart from the obvious: where it’s done. On the floor, chair or in bed – poses get adapted to the current state of being, to your uniqueness.

I am proud to be an Accessible Yoga Ambassador, to share the teachings and benefits of yoga with everyone and in particular with those who have been marginalised from yoga practices – I advocate for an accessible and equitable yoga culture. Throughout my entire journey, not just a yogic one, increased diversity and representation of everyone have been the inspiration that always keeps me going. Yoga has many practices that Every Body can do – if you can breathe you can practice yoga. Yoga IS for you. It’s for everybody.